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Team ProGlycProt would like to acknowledge all the authors who have provided seed compilations in the form of excellent reviews on Prokaryotic glycosylation and glycoproteins (please refer Bibliography and Recent Reviews under menu Links) that led us to compile and present ProGlycProt in this form.
Personally, We are thankful to Prof. Paul Messner (at University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna) for his great support, inspiration and encourgaement for bringing ProGlycProt in its current shape. We also thank Dr. Christina Schaffer for being supportive to this effort.

The work and the database is supported by IMTECH-CSIR- intramural research funds (OLP0063) and CSIR- Supra Institutional Research Programme (SIP10AA).

We acknowledge contribution of Ms. Bulbul Khare in data entries and in compiling statistics and Mr. Harender and Ramswaroop for refining the overall functioning of the database.
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