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ProGP ID ProGP112
Validation Status Uncharacterized
Organism Information
Organism NameBacillus thuringiensis
Domain Bacteria
Classification Family: Bacillaceae
Order: Bacillales
Class: Bacilli (or Firmibacteria)
Division or phylum: "Firmicutes"
Gene Information
Gene NameexsJ
Protein Information
Protein Name72-kDa glycoprotein (ExsJ)
Subcellular LocationSurface (Exosporium and/or the spore coat)
Function 72-kDa ExsJ glycoprotein forms a multimer of 205-kDa mass. They are found in sporangia.
Glycosylation Status
Glycosylation Type Information currently not available with us.
Glycosite Sequence Logo
Technique(s) used for Glycosylation DetectionDeglycosylation with trifluoromethanesulfonic acid (TFMS)
Glycan Information
Glycan Annotation At least three Ser-linked oligosaccharide species with one of them having N-acetylgalactosamine at the reducing end, rhamnose and an unknown component, are present.
Year of Identification1995
Year of Identification Month Wise1995.04
Reference1) Garcia-Patrone, M. and Tandecarz, J.S. (1995) A glycoprotein multimer from Bacillus thuringiensis sporangia: dissociation into subunits and sugar composition. Mol Cell Biochem, 145, 29-37. [PubMed: 7659076]
AuthorGarcia-Patrone, M. and Tandecarz, J.S
Research GroupInstituto de Investigaciones Bioquímicas, Fundación Campomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Corresponding Author Tandecarz, J.S
ContactInstituto de Investigaciones Bioquímicas, Fundación Campomar, Buenos Aires, Argentina