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Organism Information
Organism Name
Mycobacterium vaccae
Family: Mycobacteriaceae
Suborder: Corynebacterineae
Order: Actinomycetales
Subclass: Actinobacteridae
Class: Actinobacteria
Division or phylum: "Actinobacteria"
Protein Information
Protein Name
PS4A (water soluble protein- polysaccharide)
Subcellular Location
PS4A significantly decreased tumor incidence in vivo, produced activation of murine peritoneal macrophages. However, the antineoplastic activity was only attributable to the high molecular weight fraction of the protein-polysaccharide complex. The low molecular weight fraction had no antineoplastic activity in vivo despite stimulation of TNF-a production in vitro. In vitro experiments also demonstrated that although all PS4A components significantly increased TNF-α production by macrophages, the high molecular weight fraction stimulated more IL-1 production, indicating a better immunostimulating activity.
1) Tian, X.X., Li, A., Farrugia, I.V., Mo, X., Crich, D. and Groves, M.J. (2000) Isolation and identification of poly-alpha-(1-->4)-linked 3-O-methyl-D-mannopyranose from a hot-water extract of Mycobacterium vaccae. Carbohydr Res, 324, 38-44. [PubMed: 10723610]
2) Tian, X.X., Li, A., Zhou, W., Farrugia, I.V. and Groves, M.J. (1999) Isolation and biological activities of an antineoplastic protein-polysaccharide complex (PS4A) obtained from Mycobacterium vaccae. Anticancer Res, 19, 237-243. [PubMed: 10226548]
Year of Identification
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