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Organism Information
Organism Name
Paenibacillus (Bacillus) amyloliquefaciens (velezensis) and Bacillus macerans
Family: Bacillaceae
Order: Bacillales
Class: Bacilli (or Firmibacteria)
Division or phylum: "Firmicutes"
Taxonomic ID (NCBI)
Genome Sequence(s)
Gene Information
Gene Name
Protein Information
Protein Name
H(A107-M) (1,3-1,4)-beta-glucanase
UniProtKB/SwissProt ID
UniProtKB Sequence
Sequence length
239 AA
Subcellular Location
Catalyses cleavage of (1,4)-beta-linkages of O-substituted beta-D-glucanopyranosyl residues.
Glycan Information
Glycan Annotation
The relative molar content of monosaccharides: N-acetylglucosamine 1.0, mannose 4.9, galactose 2.1, glucose 5.5. The relative content of mannose and N-acetylglucosamine indicates the presence of oligomannose or hybrid-type oligosaccharides and the presence of galactose possibly indicates either O-linked or hybrid-type oligosaccharides. Addition of an N-linked oligosaccharide corresponds to an increase in apparent molecular mass of 3 kDa.
1) Meldgaard, M. and Svendsen, I. (1994) Different effects of N-glycosylation on the thermostability of highly homologous bacterial (1,3-1,4)-beta-glucanases secreted from yeast. Microbiology, 140 ( Pt 1), 159-166. [PubMed: 8162185]
2) Olsen, O., Thomesen, K. K. (1991) Improvement of bacterial P-glucanase thermostability by glycosylation. J Gen Microbiol, 137, 579–585.
Additional Comments
Engineered glycoprotein.
The glucanases from which the hybrid enzyme is made, are not glycosylated in their native hosts. So the hybrid enzyme (214 AA) containing 107 amino acids from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (1,3-1,4)-beta-glucanase (AMY), and 107 residues from B. macerans (1,3-1,4)-beta-glucanase (MAC), is glycosylated in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to observe its effect on the thermostability of the enzyme. Signal peptide is from MAC.
UniProtKB ID of MAC is P23904 and that of AMY is P07980. UniProtKB and EMBL information has been included for AMY.
Year of Identification
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