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ProGlyProt ID
Organism Information
Organism Name
Streptococcus pyogenes strain Su or Streptococcus haemolyticus (synonym)
Family: Streptococcaceae
Order: Lactobacillales
Class: Bacilli (or Firmibacteria)
Division or phylum: "Firmicutes"
Taxonomic ID (NCBI)
Genome Sequence(s)
Gene Information
Gene Name
arcA or sagP
Protein Information
Protein Name
Streptococcal acid glycoprotein SAGP
UniProtKB/SwissProt ID
UniProtKB Sequence
Sequence length
411 AA
Subcellular Location
Antitumour protein.
1) Degnan, B.A., Fontaine, M.C., Doebereiner, A.H., Lee, J.J., Mastroeni, P., Dougan, G., Goodacre, J.A. and Kehoe, M.A. (2000) Characterization of an isogenic mutant of Streptococcus pyogenes Manfredo lacking the ability to make streptococcal acid glycoprotein. Infect Immun, 68, 2441-2448. [PubMed: 10768929]
2) Degnan, B.A., Palmer, J.M., Robson, T., Jones, C.E., Fischer, M., Glanville, M., Mellor, G.D., Diamond, A.G., Kehoe, M.A. and Goodacre, J.A. (1998) Inhibition of human peripheral blood mononuclear cell proliferation by Streptococcus pyogenes cell extract is associated with arginine deiminase activity. Infect Immun, 66, 3050-3058. [PubMed: 9632565]
3) Kanaoka, M., Negoro, T., Kawanaka, C., Agui, H. and Nabeshima, S. (1991) Streptococcal antitumor protein: expression in Escherichia coli cells and properties of the recombinant protein. Agric Biol Chem, 55, 743-750. [PubMed: 1368629]
4) Kanaoka, M., Fukita, Y., Taya, K., Kawanaka, C., Negoro, T. and Agui, H. (1987) Antitumor activity of streptococcal acid glycoprotein produced by Streptococcus pyogenes Su. Jpn J Cancer Res, 78, 1409-1414. [PubMed: 3123442]
5) Yoshida, J., Yoshimura, M., Takamura, S. and Kobayashi, S. (1985) Purification and characterization of an antitumor principle from Streptococcus hemolyticus, Su strain. Jpn J Cancer Res, 76, 213-223. [PubMed: 3922840]
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