ProGP138 (Cell surface glycoprotein)

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ProGP ID ProGP138 (Cell surface glycoprotein)
Validation Status Uncharacterized
Organism Information
Organism NameRhodococcus erythropolis strain ST-2
Domain Bacteria
Classification Family: Nocardiaceae
Suborder: Corynebacterineae
Order: Actinomycetales
Subclass: Actinobacteridae
Class: Actinobacteria
Division or phylum: "Actinobacteria"
Taxonomic ID (NCBI) 596309
Protein Information
Protein NameCell surface glycoprotein
Subcellular LocationSurface
Function Emulsifying activity. Has peptidoglycan-like structural components critical for emulsifying activity.
Glycan Information
Glycan Annotation 27% carbohydrate.
Year of Identification1997
Year of Identification Month Wise1997.10.
ReferenceBailey S. A. and Ward B. (1997) Emulsification of crude oil by Rhodococcus erythropolis strain ST-2 via a cell-surface, lysozyme-sensitive glycoprotein. Syst Appl Microbiol, 20, 545.
AuthorBailey S. A. and Ward B
Research GroupDepartment of Biology, The University of Mississippi, USA
Corresponding Author Ward B