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ProGP ID ProGP95
Validation Status Uncharacterized
Organism Information
Organism NameThermococcus stetteri
Domain Archaea
Classification Family: Thermococcaceae
Order: Thermococcales
Class: Thermococci or Protoarchaea
Division or phylum: "Euryarchaeota"
Protein Information
Protein NameS-Layer glycoprotein
Subcellular LocationSurface
Glycosylation Status
Glycosylation Type Information currently not available with us.
Glycosite Sequence Logo
Technique(s) used for Glycosylation DetectionGlycoprotein staining with Alcian Blue.
Year of Identification1993
Year of Identification Month Wise1993.07
Reference1) Gongadze GM, Kostyukova AS, Miroshnichenko ML, Bonch-Osmolovskaya EA. (1993) Regular Proteinaceous Layers of Thermococcus stetteri Cell Envelope. Curr Microbiol, 27, 5.
AuthorGongadze GM, Kostyukova AS, Miroshnichenko ML, Bonch-Osmolovskaya EA.
Research GroupDepartment of Microbiology and Immunology Queen's UniversityKingstonCanada
Corresponding Author Bonch-Osmolovskaya EA.