A Manually Curated Repository of Experimentally Characterized Glycoproteins and Protein Glycosyltransferases of Prokaryotes

ProGlycProt Third Release (2022)

ProGlycProt is a manually curated, comprehensive web repository of experimentally characterized glycoproteins and glycosyltransferases that are involved in protein glycosylation, in prokaryotes, exclusively. The website is a focused effort to provide concise and relevant information derived from rapidly expanding literature on prokaryotic glycoproteins, attached glycans, their glycosylating enzyme(s), their specificities, mutants, glycosylation linked genes, and genomic content thereof, in a cross-referenced, interactive manner.
ProGlycProt database has two main sections namely, ProGPdb and ProGTdb that are cross-referenced to each other and searchable through specified criteria, by selecting Feature or by interactive Map-view of cited Glyco-Research Groups. ProGPdb provides extensive experimentally verified information on glycosites and glycoproteins of the prokaryotes, wherein each entry has a unique ProGP ID. ProGPdb has two catalogues: ProCGP and ProUGP. While ProCGP is a catalogue of characterized prokaryotic glycoproteins, defined as entries with at least one experimentally known “glycosylated residue (glycosite)”, ProUGP is a catalogue of uncharacterized prokaryotic glycoproteins, defined as entries where glycosylation is known but not the glycosite(s). .. More>>>

Map View of Prokaryotic Glyco-Groups

Map View of Prokaryotic Glyco-Groups: Allows user to obtain a map view of the research groups cited in ProGlycProt. This interface further facilitates an interactive database search using select features and simultaneous display of map view of the associated research group as well as database statistics against the selected features.