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List of selected reviews on the theme "Prokaryotic glycoproteins and protein glycosyltransferases". May serves as primer for curious minds.

(e.g. bacterial glycoproteins)

(e.g. 2006)
S.No Review Title PMID Comments Year Of Publication
1Structure and Biosynthesis of Prokaryotic Glycoproteins 2673008 It could be the first ever compilation of prokaryotic glycoproteins known until 1989. 1989
2Non-S-layer glycoproteins in eubacteria 8013865 Exclusive review of bacterial S-layer glycoproteins. Authors coined term "S layer glycoprotein". 1994
3Bacterial Glycoproteins 9076508 A total of 22 archaeal and 46 bacterial glycoproteins are enlisted together with some of the sugar linkages. Subcellular locations of these glycoproteins are also given. 1997
4Glycoproteins in Prokaryotes 9382700 A compilation of 17 different glycoproteins of archaea and 53 those of bacteria alongwith various experimental evidences for their glycosylation. Glycosylation type is mentioned for a few of them. The collection largely includes S-layer glycoproteins, flagellins and polysaccharide-degrading enzymes. 1997
5Glycoside hydrolases and glycosyltransferases. Families, modules, and implications for genomics 11115868 An overview of classification and modularity in carbohydrate active enzymes. 2000
6Prokaryotic glycosylation 11680871 An experimental protocol for S-layer glycoprotein analysis has been discussed in detail along with some statistics of various linkages identified in prokaryotic glycoproteins. A brief phylogenetic account of spread of glycosylation in domain eubacteria and archaea is also provided. 2001
7Non-S-Layer Glycoproteins 15 bacterial glycoproteins are compiled along with information on the glycan linkages. 2002
8Surface Layer Glycoproteins of Bacteria and Archaea Information on S-layer glycoproteins of all prokaryotes. 2002
9Never say never again: protein glycosylation in pathogenic bacteria 12123443 About 13 glycoproteins of pathogenic bacteria are discussed in detail with respect to their carbohydrates/linkages, glycosylation machinery and role in pathogenesis. 2002
10Bacterial glycoproteins: functions, biosynthesis and applications 12687605 Presents a comprehensive collection of 27 archaeal and 62 bacterial glycoproteins classified by their subcellular locations. Proposed sugars/linkages are mentioned for many of them. A brief list of pathogenesis-associated bacterial glycoproteins is also 11 provided. 2003
11The genetics of glycosylation in Gram-negative bacteria 12586395 Provides information about characterized gene/clusters involved in protein glycosylation in Neisseria, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Caulobacter, Aeromonas and Helicobacter pylori. 2003
12Prokaryotic Glycoproteins 12602037 A book review that contains one of the most extensive list of prokaryotic glycoproteins comprised of 107 bacterial and 36 archaeal glycoproteins. Glycan detection methods and linkage regions are also mentioned. Some glycoproteins are described in detail. 2003
13Sweet new world: glycoproteins in bacterial pathogens 14659687 Structure, genetics and function of glycoproteins of bacterial pathogens are reviewed. Applied aspects of the glycosylation systems are also presented. 2003
14Campylobacter--a tale of two protein glycosylation systems 12781527 The known mechanisms of protein glycosylation in Campylobacter, including a general mechanism and flagellar protein glycosylation mechanism are discussed with schematic details of genes/cluster involved. 2003
15Prokaryotic Glycoproteins: Unexplored but Important 15090489 A succinct snapshot commentary on the presence of glycosylation as an important mechanism of post translational modification of proteins in prokaryotes. 2004
16Surface-layer glycoproteins: an example for the diversity of bacterial glycosylation with promising impacts on nanobiotechnology 15044388 Thorough and novel insights are presented with respect to S-layer protein glycosylation and its potential use in applied research. 14 glycan structures of 7 bacterial and 3 archaeal species are mentioned alongwith their linkages. Glycosites of 5 S-layer glycoproteins are also indicated. 2004
17Recognition of Fold and Sugar Linkage for Glycosyltransferases by Multivariate Sequence Analysis 15148316 Describes a new approach, multivariate data analysis to identify the correct fold and catalytic mechanism in large data sets of GTs. 2004
18Protein glycosylation in bacterial mucosal pathogens 15738950 Protein glycosylation systems in Campylobacter and other mucosal pathogens are discussed with emphasis on genetic organization, glycan structures and role of glycosylation. 2005
19Export-Mediated Assembly of Mycobacterial Glycoproteins Parallels Eukaryotic Pathways 16081738 Provides a detailed description of protein mannosylation in Mycobacterium with analogies to similar process in eukaryotes thereby proposing a similar mannoprotein assembly pathway in mycobacteria. 2005
20Posttranslational Protein Modification in Archaea 16148304 Besides focusing on protein modifications like lipid modification, phosphorylation, methylation, etc., a list of 24 glycoprotein-containing archaeal species is provided and briefly discussed. Experimental evidences for their glycosylation are also included. 2005
21Glycosylation in bacteria: that, what, how, why, now what? A summarized view of bacterial glycans (mono- to polysaccharides), O- or N-linked glycosylation , glycosylation islands and role of glycoproteins in host-pathogen interaction in human and non human hosts. 2005
22Asparagine-linked protein glycosylation: from eukaryotic to prokaryotic systems 16510493 A detailed comparative description of enzymes and pathways involved in N- glycosylation in prokaryotes vs eukaryotes. 2006
23Archaeal Flagella, Bacterial Flagella and Type IV Pili: A Comparison of Genes and Posttranslational Modifications 16983194 A complete review of mechanism(s) and biosynthesis of flagella and pili in prokaryotes. 2006
24Bacterial glycoproteomics 16735721 Role of Mass spectrometry in carbohydrate structure determination of bacterial glycoproteins is reviewd with examples from previously characterized bacterial glycoproteins. 2006
25Structures and mechanisms of glycosyltransferases 16037492 Provides comprehensive structural information of GTs. 2006
26Production of humanized glycoproteins in bacteria and yeasts 17936668 A review of prospects of exploiting yeast and bacteria for making human like proteins. 2007
27Glycosylation Islands of Pseudomonas Species An exclusive compilation of genomic information on protein glycosylation in Pseudomonas. 2007
28Protein Glycosylation, Sweet to Crystal Growth? Discussion on various strategies for crystallization of glycosylated proteins with examples from already crystallized bacterial glycoproteins. 2007
29Sweet to the extreme: protein glycosylation in Archaea 18476920 A brief comparison of archeal N glycosylation vis a vis bacterial N-glycosylation. An account of archaeal OST. 2008
30Not just for Eukarya anymore: protein glycosylation in Bacteria and Archaea 18694827 Provides a short list of rare monosaccharides and glycan structure of bacteria along with a summarized depiction of glycosylation pathway in Campylobacter, Neisseria and H. volcanni. 2008
31S-layer nanoglycobiology of bacteria 18336801 This review coins term "nanoglycobiology" and gives extensive information about bacterial S layer glycoproteins and their biosynthesis. 2008
32Features and applications of bacterial glycosyltransferases: current state and prospects 18777021 An overview of advancement in glycosyltransferase engineering and enzymatic glycodiversification. 2008
33Glycosyltransferases: structures, functions, and mechanisms 18518825 A detailed information of structural folds GT-A and GT-B and their catalytic mechanism. 2008
34Bioanalytical tools for the discovery of eukaryotic glycoproteins applied to the analysis of bacterial glycoproteins 19210128 Design and flow of experiments relevant for detection of glycoproteins in bacteria is presented. 2009
35Glycosylation and biogenesis of a family of serine-rich bacterial adhesins 19202081 A detailed explanation of two-step glycosylation model involving glycosyltransferase and accessory Sec components for O-glycosylation of serine-rich bacterial glycoproteins. 2009
36Structure and synthesis of polyisoprenoids used in N-glycosylation across the three domains of life 19348869 An exclusive review comparing protein glycosylation in terms of carrier lipids usage in the process, in three domains of life. 2009
37Protein O-mannosylation: Conserved from bacteria to humans 19429925 A detailed view of protein mannosyltransferases from eukaryotes as well as prokaryotes. Implications of O-mannosylation in cell survival and pathogenesis is also discussed. 2009
38Prokaryotic protein glycosylation is rapidly expanding from "curiosity" to "ubiquity" 19621412 A snapshot account of glycosylation in prokaryotes detailing milestones in prokaryotic glycobiology. 2009
39A bacterial glycosyltransferase gene toolbox: Generation and applications 19559449 Seventy different bacterial glycosyltransferase have been enlisted that can be explored as potential tools for effective glycosylation of desired proteins/ natural products in bacteria. 2009
40Glycosyltransferases and oligosaccharyltransferases in Archaea:putative components of the N-glycosylation pathway in the third domain of life 19765088 A detailed study on identification and analysis of glycosyltransferases and oligosaccharyltransferases in archaea. 2009
41Glycosylation and biogenesis of a family of serine rich bacterial adhesins 19202081 Describes the new conserved family of serine rich O-linked glycoproteins of fimbriae-associated adhesin Fap1 and their role in pathogenesis. 2009
42Protein glycosylation in Archaea: Sweet and extreme 20371512 A step by step account of archeal N-glycosylation as observed in H. volcanii, M. voltae and M. maripauldis in comparison with bacterial and eukaryotic N glycosylation. 2010
43S-Layer Glycoproteins and Flagellins: Reporters of Archaeal Posttranslational Modifications 20721273 This review details mechanisms of flagellar and S layer protein biosynthesis in archaea, their glycosylation, lipid modifications as well as tabulated information about the genes/enzymes involved in the process. 2010
44Biosynthesis and Role of N-Linked Glycosylation in Cell Surface Structures of Archaea with a Focus on Flagella and S Layers 20976295 Presents a detailed analysis of glycosylation of flagellins and S layers of 3 archaeal species. Glycan structures for 7 archaeal species are enlisted. A focus is also made on the glycosylation machinery involved in the assembly of glycans (and their effects on surface structures). 2010
45N-Linked glycoengineering for human therapeutic proteins in bacteria 20449632 Provides perspectives on possibility of gearing up a bacterial cell for making human like glycoprotein with the help of prokaryotic glycosylation machinery e.g., Campylobacter PGL cluster. 2010
46Never take candy from a stranger: the role of the bacterial glycome in host–pathogen interactions 20143949 Implications of bacterial glycans in virulence and host pathogen interaction is discussed. 2010
47Glycoproteomics: a powerful tool for characterizing the diverse glycoforms of bacterial pilins and flagellins 20863304 The review highlights potential of mass spectroscopy in characterizing glycoproteins as well as attached glycans with the help of examples from pili & flagella from bacetria. 2010
48Protein tyrosine O-glycosylation--a rather unexplored prokaryotic glycosylation system 20200052 A comprehensive account of Tyr linked O-glycosylation as observed in S-layer glycoproteins in Paenibacillus alvei. 2010
49Protein glycosylation in bacteria: sweeter than ever 20948550 An excellent review illustrating a complete picture of various protein glycosylation mechanisms known in bacteria. Schematic diagrams have been used to explain the same. 2010
50Similarities and Differences in the Glycosylation Mechanisms in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes 21490701 A detailed comparision between en bloc N-glycosylation and sequential O-glycosylation in prokaryotes vs eukaryotes. Novel bacterial OSTs that are capable of carrying out sequential N-glycosylation and en bloc O-glycosylation have also been discussed. 2010
51Glycosyltransferases and their Assays 20672277 A brief introduction to GT biochemistry and biology and selected examples of recently developed GT bioassays, with emphasis on fluorescence-based formats. 2010
52New structures, chemical functions, and inhibitors for glycosyltransferases 20129812 Provides basic information on structures, chemical functions of glycosyltransferases and some strategies altering and inhibiting the chemical functions of glycosyltransferases. 2010
53Exploring genomes for glycosyltransferases 20556308 A description of glycosyltransferase families, folds is followed by an analysis of suitable methods of data mining for GTs, evaluation thereof and Chemometrics. 2010
54Bacterial Glycans: Key Mediators of Diverse Host Immune Responses 16959564 A short account of bacterial polysaccharides and glycoproteins and a detailed discussion on various interactions between bacterial glycans and the host immune system is provided. 2010
55Glycoproteomics and clinical application 21137038 Methods for glycoprotein purification/enrichment and applications of glycoproteomics in biomarker discovery as well as protein glycosylation site identification are reviewed. 2010
56New structures, chemical functions, and inhibitors for glycosyltransferases 20129812 A comprehensive review on mechanism, structure, chemical function and inhibition studies. 2010
57Chemical tools to discover and target bacterial glycoproteins 20730171 Unusual structures of bacterial glycans and their role in pathogenesis are detailed. Use of chemical tools is demonstrated for unvieling novel pathogen-associated targets like unique glycans that can be targeted with therapeutics. 2011
58Analogies and homologies in lipopolysaccharide and glycoprotein biosynthesis in bacteria 20871101 A step-wise comparison of the LPS and protein glycosylation pathways in bacteria providing details of the enzymes involved in each step. 2011
59The Expanding Horizons of Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 21506607 A comprehensive and comparative analysis of N-glycosylation in bacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. 2011
60The S-Layer Glycome--Adding to the Sugar Coat of Bacteria 20871840 An excellent review summarizing all recent advances in S-layer protein glycosylation in Gram-positive bacteria with examples from Geobacillus stearothermophilus and Paenibacillus alvei. 2011
61Glycosyltransferase structural biology and its role in the design of catalysts for glycosylation 21592771 Provides consolidated information of structural studies on nucleotide dependent GTs and their applications in glycoengineering. 2011
62Recent structural and mechanistic insights into post-translational enzymatic glycosylation 23142486 Description of recent advancement towards structural and catalytic mechanisms of protein glycosyltransferases. 2012
63N-glycosylation in Haloferax volcanii: adjusting the sweetness 24399998 A comprehensive study on N-glycosylation in Haloferax volcanii 2013
64Extreme sweetness: protein glycosylation in archaea 23353769 Provides detailed insights into archaeal N-glycosylation system. 2013
65Pour some sugar on it: the expanding world of bacterial protein O-linked glycosylation 23679002 Summarizes the structural diversity, the various pathways and the physiological roles of bacterial O-glycosylation system. 2013
66Advances in understanding glycosyltransferases from a structural perspective 25240227 Describes the contribution of structural data in understanding the catalytic mechanism and specificity of GTs. 2014
67Crossroads between bacterial and mammalian glycosyltransferases 25368613 A comparative analysis of mammalian and bacterial GTs for glycoproteins synthesis and also provides information of evolving GTs for specific glycan synthesis and developing inhibitors. 2014
68The HMW1C-Like Glycosyltransferases--An Enzyme Family with a Sweet Tooth for Simple Sugars 24722584 Describes a new family of cytoplasmic N-glycosyltransferases. 2014
69The Sweet Tooth of Bacteria: Common Themes in Bacterial Glycoconjugates 25184559 A detailed review on bacterial protein glycosylation, glycosyltransferase, glycoproteins and glycoconjugates. 2014
70Archaeal S-layer glycoproteins: post-translational modification in the face of extremes 25505464 A brief review on archaeal S-layer glycoproteins and their post translation modifications. 2014
71Biogenesis and functions of bacterial S-layers 24509785 Provides current knowledge of bacterial S-layer glycoproteins and their structures, functions and mechanism. 2014
72Gram-Negative Flagella Glycosylation 24557579 Describes recent advancements in flagellar O-glycosylation in Gram-negative bacteria, glycan diversity, O-linked pathways and its biological function. 2014
73Mycobacterial glycoproteins:a novel subset of vaccine candidates 25279354 An overview of mycobacterial glycoproteins and their impact in pathogenesis. 2014
74N-Linked Glycosylation in Archaea: a Structural, Functional, and Genetic Analysis 24847024 Provides an exhaustive information of archaeal N-glycosylation systems, glycans and GTs. 2014
75Sweet Talk: Protein Glycosylation in Bacterial Interaction With the Host 26433695 Elaborates the role of glycoproteins and GTs in bacterial pathogenesis. 2015
76Manipulating the glycosylation pathway in bacterial and lower eukaryotes for production of therapeutic proteins 26340101 Provides insights into glycoengineering the microbial systems to produce the therapeutic and pharmaceutically important proteins. 2015
77Sugar coating: bacterial protein glycosylation and host-microbe interactions 25936979 A description of bacterial protein glycosylation systems in relevance to human health and its biological functions in bacteria cell. 2015
78Bacterial Glycosyltransferases: Challenges and Opportunities of a Highly Diverse Enzyme Class Toward Tailoring Natural Products 26925049 An overview of bacterial GTs including their classification, screening and engineering strategies to modulate their substrate specificity. 2016
79Clinical applications of bacterial glycoproteins 26971465 Presents an exciting prospect of targeting bacterial glycoproteins in therapeutics, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. 2016
80Emerging facets of prokaryotic glycosylation 27566466 Provides current knowledge of prokaryotic glycoproteins and glycoconjugates of selected important pathogens. 2016
81Insights into bacterial protein glycosylation in human microbiota 26712033 An overview of bacterial surface glycoproteins that inhabit in human mucosal environment, the GTs involved and the role of host pathogen interaction. 2016
82Sugar and Spice Make Bacteria Not Nice: Protein Glycosylation and Its Influence in Pathogenesis 27107636 Describes the bacterial glycoproteins, OTse dependent and independent pathways, their impact in pathogenesis and target them for glycoengineering. 2016
83Understanding protein glycosylation pathways in bacteria 27689684 Summarizes the en bloc and sequential pathways of protein glycosylation and also using the bacterial glycosylation systems for glycoengineering. 2017
84Sweet New Roles for Protein Glycosylation in Prokaryotes 28341406 Provides recent advancements in prokaryotic protein glycosylation and a comparative analysis of the its functions in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. 2017
85Engineering protein glycosylation in prokaryotes Provides recent developments in the field of prokaryotic protein glycosylation and highlights the emergence of cytoplasmic glycosylation systems . 2017
86How Sweet Are Our Gut Beneficial Bacteria A Focus on Protein Glycosylation in Lactobacillus 29301365 An overview of bacterial protein glycosylation systems (O- and N-glycosylation) in bacteria, with a focus on glycoproteins from gut commensal bacteria, particularly Lactobacilli. 2017
87Glycointeractions in bacterial pathogenesis 29674747 An overview of interactions involving both host and bacterial glycans that have a role in bacterial pathogenesis. 2018
88Recent advances in methods for the analysis of protein o-glycosylation at proteome level 28988430 Summarizes the proteomics workflows to analyze the two most abundant types of O-glycosylation, i.e. O-N-acetylgalactosamine and O-N-acetylglucosamine glycosylation. 2018
89 A bite so sweet: the glycobiology interface of tick-host-pathogen interactions 30428923 It summarizes the knowledge on both the glycosylated proteins and the glycan-binding proteins of the ticks as well as the tick-transmitted pathogens, with emphasis on the interactions allowing the infection of both the ticks and the hosts by various bacteria and tick-brone encephalitis virus. 2018
90 Glycointeractions in bacterial pathogenesis 29674747 It discusses interactions involving both host and bacterial glycans that have a role in bacterial pathogenesis, also highlights recent technological advances that have illuminated the glycoscience of microbial pathogenesis. 2018
91Flagellin glycosylation with pseudaminic acid in Campylobacter and Helicobacter: prospects for development of novel therapeutics 29080090 This review highlights the importance of flagella glycosylation and details structural insights into the enzymes in the Pse pathway obtained via a combination of biochemical, crystallographic, and mutagenesis studies of the enzyme-substrate and -inhibitor complexes. 2018
92 Processivity in bacterial glycosyltransferases 31750644 It highlights the importance of studying enzymatic processivity for understanding the mechanism of glycan transfer. 2019
93 New discoveries in bacterial N-glycosylation to expand the synthetic biology toolbox 31288139 It discusses the new possibilities and opportunities to expand the glycoengineering toolbox for designing novel vaccine formulations and protein therapeutics. 2019
94 O-linked protein glycosylation in bacteria: snapshots and current perspectives 31078896 It addresses the recent advances in the field of O-linked BPG focusing on selected systems of notoriety and in which significant advances have occurred of late. 2019
95 Oligosaccharyltransferase structures provide novel insight into the mechanism of asparagine-linked glycosylation in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells 30312397 Cryoelectron structure of oligosaccharyltransferase provides a new insight into the mechanism of cotranslational glycosylation of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. 2019
96 Mycobacteria and their sweet proteins: An overview of protein glycosylation and lipoglycosylation in M 30948163 It provides an overall view of the protein glycosylation in Mtb. 2019
97 Protein glycosylation: Sweet or bitter for bacterial pathogens? 30632429 It discusses the impact of bacterial protein glycosylation on its pathogenesis and the interaction of pathogens with host protein glycosylation, followed by a discussion on strategies used for bioconjugate vaccine development. 2019
98Oligosaccharyltransferase structures provide novel insight into the mechanism of asparaginelinked glycosylation in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells 30312397 The structural studies reveal the acceptor and donor specificity 2019
99O-linked protein glycosylation in bacteria: snapshots and current perspectives 31078896 Author addresses recent advances in the field of O-linked BPG focusing on selected systems of notoriety and in which significant advances have occurred of late. 2019
100New discoveries in bacterial N-glycosylation to expand the synthetic biology toolbox 31288139 It explains the N-glycosylation pathway and use of it as a glycoengineering toolbox in therapeutics. 2019
101Protein glycosylation: Sweet or bitter for bacterial pathogens? 30632429 It reviews the impact of bacterial protein glycosylation on its pathogenesis and the interaction of pathogens with host protein glycosylation, followed by a discussion on strategies used for bioconjugate vaccine development. 2019
102 N‐glycosylation in Archaea—New roles for an ancient posttranslational modification 32633872 Relevant discoveries considering N-glycosylation in archaea which helps them to cope with the environmental stress. 2020
103 Role of protein glycosylation in host-pathogen interaction 32326128 It talks about the interaction mechanism of host-pathogen interaction as protein glycosylation plays role in host resistance or pathogen virulence. 2020
104 Structural insight into the mechanism of N-linked Glycosylation by Oligosaccharyltransferase 32316603 This review explains the most recent high-resolution structures of OST determined thus far and the mechanistic implication of N-linked glycosylation throughout all domains of life. 2020
105 Post-Translational Modifications Aid Archaeal Survival 32290118 It summarizes the current understanding of the contributions of PMTs to aid in extremophile survival, with a particular focus on genome stability. 2020
106 Synthetic approaches for accessing pseudaminic acid (Pse) bacterial glycans 31944494 It summarises recent synthetic approaches pioneered for accessing Pse glycans, which are set to open up this underexplored area of glycoscience to the wider scientific community. 2020
107 Streptococcal Serine-Rich Repeat Proteins in Colonization and Disease 33193266 It describes the roles of S. pneumoniae and S. agalactiae SRRPs in persistent colonization and the transition to disease and the potential of utilizing SRRPs as vaccine targets. 2020
108 Bacteria-catalyzed arginine glycosylation in pathogens and host 32411621 A detailed information about the currently known arginine glycosyltransferases and their potential catalytic mechanisms. 2020
109 Serine-rich repeat proteins from gut microbes 31035824 Updates the occurrence, structure, and function of SRRPs across bacteria and highlights the range of ligands identified by these adhesins and the importance of SRRP glycosylation in the interaction of gut microbes with the host. 2020
110 Databases and bioinformatic tools for glycobiology and glycoproteomics 32937895 It aims to provide a overview of representative databases of glycan structure, glycoprotein, glycan-protein interactions, glycogenes, and the newly developed bioinformatics tools and integrated portal for glycoproteomics. 2020
111 Recent progress in chemical synthesis of bacterial surface glycans 32920523 It covers recent chemical synthetic efforts on bacterial surface glycans which are excellent candidates for the developmet of improved structurally defined glycoconjugate vaccines to combat bacterial infections. 2020
112 Identifying the targets and functions of N-linked protein glycosylation in Campylobacter jejuni 32347268 It assesses the biochemistry of the N-linked glycosylation system, define its currently known protein targets and also discusses evidence for the structural and functional roles of this PTM in individual proteins and globally in C. jejuni pathogenesis. 2020
113 Nucleotide sugars in chemistry and biology 33291296 It discusses the structures and biosynthetic routes for nucleotide sugars, mechanisms of action of nucleotide sugar-utilizing enzymes, as well as enzymatic in vitro synthesis of nucleotide sugars. 2020
114Type III Secretion Effectors with Arginine N-Glycosyltransferase Activity 32131463 It reviews the type III secretion system of gram-negative bacteria, glycosyltransferases and their roles in virulence 2020
115Mechanistic and structural studies into the biosynthesis of the bacterial sugar pseudaminic acid (Pse5Ac7Ac) 31913385 It focuses on the mechanistic and structural characterisation of the enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of the Pse parent structure, Pse5Ac7Ac in bacteria. 2020
116Identifying the targets and functions of N-linked protein glycosylation in Campylobacter jejuni 32347268 It communicates the biochemistry of the N-linked glycosylation system, define its currently known protein targets and discss evidence for structural and functional roles of this PTM in individual proteins and globally in C. jejuni pathogenesis. 2020
117Bacteria-Catalyzed Arginine Glycosylation in Pathogens and Host 32411621 In this review, we provide detailed information about the currently known arginine glycosyltransferases and their potential catalytic mechanisms. 2020
118Role of Protein Glycosylation in Host-Pathogen Interaction 32326128 It summarizes the roles of different glycoproteins during the host-pathogen interactions and also discusses about the lectins associated with proteins during interactions. 2020
119 Role of post‐translational modifications in the acquisition of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 33021056 It describes the contribution of PTMs to mycobacterial physiology and how these processes are linked to drug resistance.. 2021
120 NleB/SseKs ortholog effectors as a general bacterial monoglycosyltransferase for eukaryotic proteins 33761453 It discusses the roles of glycosyltransferases for carbohydrate research problems concerning the sugar donors and target proteins recognition. 2021
121 Recent advances in analytical approaches for glycan and glycopeptide quantitation 32576592 It highlights the most recent advances in chemical labeling and associated techniques for glycan and glycopeptide quantification. 2021
122 Cell wall glycosylation in Staphylococcus aureus: targeting the tar glycosyltransferases 33540375 It examines differences in wall teichoic acid structures in gram-positive bacteria which will help better understand the multi-drug resistance mechanisms. 2021
123 Adhesion of Helicobacter Species to the Human Gastric Mucosa: A Deep Look Into Glycans Role 34026832 It focuses on the identification and characterization of the key molecules involved in the adhesion of gastric Helicobacter species to the gastric mucosa is important to understand the colonization and infection strategies displayed by different members of this genus. 2021
124 Meta-heterogeneity: evaluating and describing the diversity in glycosylation between sites on the same glycoprotein 33561609 An extensive example of meta-heterogeneity on relevant proteins and postulated on the possible biological reasons and causes behind the intriguing meta-heterogeneity observed in glycoproteins. 2021
125The biology of thermoacidophilic archaea from the order Sulfolobales 33476388 It discusses the lifestyle of thermophilic archaea 2021
126A review on recent advances in the enrichment of glycopeptides and glycoproteins by liquid chromatographic methods: 2016-Present 34757643 It highlights the articles published since 2016 that dealt with different LC-based approaches for glycopeptide and glycoproteins. 2021
127Modifications of cell wall polymers in Gram-positive bacteria by multi-component transmembrane glycosylation systems 33578058 It talks about the extracellular glycosylation mechanism of Gram-positive bacteria and advancement in identification of enzymes invovled in this process. 2021
128Cell wall glycosylation in Staphylococcus aureus: targeting the tar glycosyltransferases 33540375 This review focuses on the glycosyltransferases glycosylating the cell wall of Staphylococcus aureus which helps in multi-drug resistance and to evade host-defense mechanism. 2021
129Opportunities and Challenges of Bacterial Glycosylation for the Development of Novel Antibacterial Strategies 34630370 It provides a current status of role of glycosylation in virulence and promise for the future of using bacterial glycosylation to develop novel antibacterial strategies. 2021
130Proteolysis at the Archaeal Membrane: Advances on the Biological Function and Natural Targets of Membrane-Localized Proteases in Haloferax volcanii 35814708 It reviews the advances that were made on archaeal membrane proteases with regard to their biological functions and potential natural targets 2022
131Controlled processivity in glycosyltransferases: A way to expand the enzymatic toolbox 36529206 an overview is given of possible engineering strategies for the purpose of new industrial and fundamental applications of glycosyltransferases 2022
132Bacterial glycosylation, it's complicated 36250013 It talks about many different glycans attached to the glycoproteins, complexity exists among the individual strains due to host and environment described using foodborne pathogen Campylobacter jejuni 2022